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LBC Radio
30 May 2024

Policing Minister Chris Philp on LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr

The Minister calls out the positive impact AI redaction of case files for court is having on getting officers back on the frontline.
Bedfordshire Police
29 December 2023

Cutting edge tech saving Bedfordshire Police officers' time

The force is the first in the country to use artificial intelligence to auto redact documents, reducing the time spent on tasks which could have taken entire shifts to a few minutes.
BBC News
14 December 2023
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Bedfordshire Police use AI to save hours on admin duties

AI is helping Bedfordshire police officers to spend less time on administration and more time on frontline duties.
College of Policing
12 December 2023

Auto-redaction of text for transfer to the Crown Prosecution Service

Case study on solving the redaction problem in the College of Policing practice bank.
27 November 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023

Hear from Dave Levy, Vice President of Amazon Web Services Worldwide Public Sector, on the generational impact of cloud technology in public sector at the flagship annual conference.
24 November 2023

Chief announces ambition to drive police reform through technology and innovation

National Police Chiefs' Council: Police forces around the country have already been reaping the benefits of new technology.
UK Home Office
20 November 2023

Policing Productivity Review

The data from this concluded that the use of DocDefender offered between 80 and 92 per cent time savings.
15-16 November 2023
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APCC & NPCC Partnership Summit 2023

Riven DocDefender mentioned by the UK Policing Minister and Director of Public Prosecutions at the flagship conference.
30 October 2023

Interview with Chief Constable Trevor Rodenhurst

“One of the things I’m particularly pleased about at the moment is we’ve cracked the 'redaction' challenge here.”